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Who is this aimed at?

Anyone requiring an understanding of requirements engineering, including business analysts, business managers and their staff, business change managers and project managers.

Course Duration -3 days

What are the entry requirements?


What format is the exam?

  • One hour ‘open book’
  • Written, based on a business scenario
  • Scenario based examination based on a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions
  • Pass mark -50%
  • Can be held on the final date of the course or a mutually agreed date.


  •      Explain the importance of linking requirements to the Business Case
  •  Describe the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in the requirements engineering process
  •  Explain the use of a range of requirements elicitation techniques and the relevance of the techniques to business situations
  •  Analyse, prioritise and organise elicited requirements
  •  Document requirements
  •  Identify problems with requirements and explain how requirements documentation may be improved
  •  Create a model of the features required from a system
  •  Interpret a model of the data requirements for an information system
  •  Describe the principles of Requirements Management and explain the importance of managing requirements
  •  Describe the use of tools to support Requirements Engineering
  •  Explain the process and stakeholders involved in Requirements Validation
  • Part framework of RE syllabus

    The syllabus is structured around a five part framework for Requirements Engineering which is applied to a project initiated by an approved business case. The five elements of the framework are

    Requirements Elicitation,

    Requirements Analysis,

    Requirements Validation,

    Requirements Documentation

    Requirements Management.

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